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Friday, September 26, 2014

DIY How to Plant Garlic: Some Good Tips for Gardening

How to plant garlic? For a newly gardener, this kind of question might be appeared, when she/he wants to start to grow garlic.
how to plant garlic
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However, plant garlic, actually is a simple thing, since you don’t need certain perfect season to plant it.

 Furthermore, you can choose the medium whether you want to plant garlic in the pot or in the ground. So then, to start planting garlic means you need garlic. 

Basically, you can use any garlic from any sources, but buying them from a nearest plant nursery around your area must be the best option. After you pick the garlic, separate the glove but, be sure you won’t damage the skin. Another thing to consider is about planting garlic is finding the perfect time to gain the perfect result. You may be ask yourself about how to plant garlic in perfect time. Is it on fall? Or, is it on spring? (if you live in four seasons country). Both of time, you can plant the garlic on both seasons.

 However, when you planting garlic on fall, plant your garlic several weeks before the ground freeze instead, if you decide to plant your garlic on spring, do the job during February or March. The next thing to determine is about finding the perfect spot. Plant your garlic in typical area that full of sun rise. You need also to give consideration for the soil quality for whatever medium you choose. 

When everything is settled, it is the time to bring proper treatment for the garlic. If you choose fall time, please remember to cover the site with straws to prevent bad frosting. A fine thing about planting garlic during winter or fall is you don’t need to water the garlic. To have a fine and nice garlic bulbs, you need to cut any flower shoots that are appeared and don’t forget to fertilize your garlic. Finally, that’ all things you need to know about how to plant garlic. 

step by step how to plant garlic
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step 1 how to plant garlic
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Video Tutorial How to Plant Garlic