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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Simple Decoration of Modern Dining Room Design

Minimalist or simple decoration is the most popular interior design in recent time. It gives large, elegant, clean and neat effect of a room. 

This decoration style also suits to be applied in dining room.  Modern dining room design will definitely improve mood in enjoying the dish. 

Moreover, to show the modernity and simplicity, dining room set also design in neutral color scheme, such as brown, white, grey and black. To create modern dining room ideas, you need to attach simple and sleek furniture. Most of the dining furniture have sharp line border. The furniture is constructed with wood and combined with metal.

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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Kitchen Wall Decorating Ideas to Level Up Your Kitchen Performance

Kitchen is like any other rooms in your home need certain treatment to make it look fabulous. Not only from it lighting solutions, kitchen furniture or some, but also something from its wall. Especially, for kitchen wall decorating, you will figure out so many ideas you can apply. 

Some of kitchen wall decorating ideas include things you never thought can be so fascinating when you hang them onto kitchen wall. 

Beautiful modern kitchen wall decor ideas
Beautiful modern kitchen wall decor ideas
  If you are typical wine lover, for sure you will have some wine collection inside your kitchen, rather than keeping your wine inside a closed cabinet, it will be more admiring if you place your wine to a beautiful racks.

This rack is no typical usual rack but something that mimic a vine or trailing plants. Use kind of spiral wire to hang wine bottles upside down. The make it aesthetically appealing you can hang kind of wine with its different colors. The other kitchen wall decorating ideas you can apply onto your kitchen wall are by hanging tile-like wall decor and by attaching open shelves onto kitchen wall. 

If you choose the first way, then you need to combine some simple words with unique geometric painting. But be sure that the color that you pick to the tile-like wall decor complements the whole look of your kitchen.

Meanwhile, if you choose the second way, it means you understand enough about versatility. Open shelves not only bring you such function to store your groceries such as flour, sugar, salt, spices, bottles and many more. But you also can treat the open shelves as one of kitchen wall decorating ideas

Arrange neatly and beautifully all of your groceries that you put into jar. Sometimes you can also place your wine bottle on there. Hanging a beautiful painting is another fine idea toward kitchen wall decorating.

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kitchen wall decor ideas